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I went to the mosque last week, invited by a sister to break the fasting together in Esch Mosque. So I went there around 9.30ish, because I missed the train and by the time I went there its its already the time to break the fasting together.

It felt wonderful, I felt like being at home again. Eating with a lot of people, sharing food, it was awesome (though I wasn’t praying because I was in my period lolol, girls don’t fast during their period. Scientifically understandable).

I feel the Ramadan spirit again. Its nice to be reminded that the holy month is here and remember that I need to do better as a person. There are things to be upgraded in Ramadan, the fasting, the praying, reading quran, listening to good speech, learn more about Islam, do more charity, etc. I did very little and I should be leveling up my Ramadan game. Ahhh lazy me.



Experiencing Ramadan outside of Indonesia is different. Back home, the majority of people are fasting, that goes without question since 87,2% of the population are moslem which make up roughly 202 million people. That’s an incredible feeling I should be having there, knowing around 200 million people are fasting with me. Obviously I didn’t appreciate that while I was home, but well. Whether or not they are really fasting, that is back to the person themselves. (Yes there are those who don’t, even when they are moslems). While outside of Indonesia, the things is rather ……different. There are less people fasting, for sure. Then also, I got questions why I do this, what are the reasons for fasting (never thought about it too much until I got asked lol I usually think about it since everyone does it and I have been doing it since I was a kid. But no, I re-examine why I do the fasting and the reason why I do so. Its faith, its my body’s holiday time, and it is to make me feel empathy to those who could not afford food. That is why we do this, we know hungry isn’t fun so that’s why we need to give to those who are hungry. Thus The zakat fitrah by the end of the month should be given to those who need). Another different thing would be the time. In Indonesia since we are in the equator line the length of day and night rather changes slightly unlike in temperate areas where winter and summer takes place. Its summer now in Europe thus the day is longer. This impact on fasting time since we fast starting before (wayyyy before) the sunrise until the sunset which roughly 18.5 hours where I lived (and 21 hours in Iceland, maybe Alaska too. Ganbatte guyssss). While in Indonesia anytime in the year the fasting time is rather same, starting from 4Am in the morning until around 6 PM. The difference would probably in minutes tho.

During Ramadan, there are special things that comes out too. The food, more time spent eating sahoor (the eating before fasting) or iftar (the break fasting) with family and friend. We Indonesian just loooooooove socialization. During Ramadan times, the invitation from friends, close friend, high school friends, university friends, same-club friends, lab-mates friends, work-place friends, relatives, neighbors are coming right up for iftar. It was so much fun. We just love having reason to hang out together. It was so nice, though sometime could be troublesome since I don’t know if we are having too much fun while forgetting what is the meaning of doing fasting and all other stuff for increasing the faith during Ramadan. At night, after night prayer, there usually be the taraweh (optional praying after night prayer, isya). I remember this one very well, and I had pleasant memories with it. While I was in elementary school, the school would gave me a book that should be filled with taraweh sermon and must be signed by the one who gave the sermon. This way, school make sure that the kids do the taraweh.

Anyway, breaking the fasting together like this really reminds me of home. I love it, beside the food (mostly Bosniac dishes) were great. All is well.

Ramadan day 14