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“As I was working on my job to see brain scans of criminals, I found one that possibly one of the worst pscyhopath. When I see that it belongs to my family, I was shocked. Because the brain scans only have initials to hide the ID of the person who had it, I need to go to the technician to know whose brain scan is that. It was mine” (somewhat like this since I finished the book a while ago and I didnt bring it with me).

The opening part of the book looks like a thriller, but a real life one.

The book is written by a neuroscientist that works with brain scans of criminals and found his own brain scan turn out to be similar with brain scans of the psychopath.

Having knowledge about psychopath, he is surprised. He doesn’t feel like he was psychopath. But the scan definitely shown that his brain has lack of activities in prefrontal area that often be found in psychopath brain.

As a neuroscientist he research on his own. In a sense it was the best opportunity to know about his field of study with himself as a subject. He is a normal man with a happy family. He never convict crime, but he admit that he had some tendency to do challenging activities. He even went through his family lineage tree only to find that some of his ancestors were aggressive and murderer. It amuses me how calm he take the truth, and his mother and family take it easy. I think that really helps. He also think that it is possible for him to be a real psychopath but something fundamentally make him not become one. He was loved by his family when he was younger.

Scientifically he tried to found out what have been different from him and other people. It turn that there is a special type of protein (cant remember if its on amino acid level or not) that he had which is a characteristics of a psychopath.

Gene has been thought as a stronger cause of somebody’s personality and behaviour. This case prove that it is not always the case. t proves some of the hypothesis that he hold true the past years that nature:nuture as around 80:20 percent of impact on a person is not true. If it is, he would have become a psychopath.

Here’s some of my take on it. It is you who decides who you are. Your nature, given gene, your family conditions, your environment, the way you brought up are assets but it doesn’t decide who you are. Nature and nurture plays role in creating a person, and especially in early life the feeling of being loved is important as it completes a person (and possibly prevent someone who had the tendency to become a psychopath lol). I admire this guy. So if you are a kid, be happy. And if you have kids… make them happy. As its their provision for their future self.

Esch sur Alzette,
Post for ramadan day 15

This is one of the most interesting book I have read.