in Suriah?

In Poso?

Do people really want peace? for civillian who are involved and those who have hearts. yes.

For all others who need wars to stay alive. Maybe not.

When I was smaller, I participate in GOI peace foundation essay (never won lol). But it made me think about peace and how we could obtain peace.

After growing up, I realize that maybe there are people who just don’t want peace. Or rather, they need war. Military, politics, are some examples. In military, if they dont have war then they dont have anything to do right? Therefore they dont have budget. While concerning with politics, politics are scary, politics are crazy. Politics could be unfair. They could do many length tp gain power. Power leads to money. Someone who is a friend today maybe an enemy tomorrow. Its seems so sad. I am not a big fan of politics but I need to know things that happened in the world. Business is another thing. There is such thing as weapon industry. And as all other industry, they need market. Who needs a weapon when its peaceful? Nobody. Then someone who needs the market create the market. The market is warzone. And the media helps advertising it. Thank you media. Not all are like this of course, but there are some who are.

But of course these assumptions are child-like assumptions. And I dont really trust media, before I think thoroughly what is what and who is benefitting from the event that happened. Its really confusing sometime since I dont know which are the trustworty source and some could have conflicting info. But just like reading a research paper, I need to find and follow the sources and see from different point of views then decide on my own. Which require a lot of time and effort. But hey, I have a brain for a reason lol, to think.

The ones that are in less advantageous point ate usually less fortunate people and nature since they can’t fight back (quickly). But they will have their justice. Look what have we done to mother earth and when she had enough we humans will all suffer her wrath. Climate change is one thing. And one thing about nature, respect it as actually human is on their mercy. Like who can win over natural disaster? And back to war things, the civillians who caught up in war.. hm.. i dont know how they will retaliate. Or rather the people who gain and create the war might have suffer themselves since they know the truth and sacrifice people for their own gain. One can not lie from oneself (or can they? Well if they do then they won’t be able to separate lies and truth or reality with illusion of their mind).

The winner keeps all, the loser has to pay the price.

So I think it is possible to end war, but not possible until the stakeholder agrees not to. Which is pretty difficult but not entirely impossible given the nature of human that strive for their own gain.

Hmm.. life is unfair. Therefore its calming as a moslem that all will be judged again afterwards, because some are not being judges fairly during life. And all person hold their own responsibility for their own act in front of the mighty-est judge of all. (Oh shoot mine as well lol). Well its just my two cents. Lol why do I write kind of heavy stuff…