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Okay so I have been seen queries about Touken ranbu (and surprisingly it is the most visited page in my blog? okay lol) so here I make a documentation about it.

The list are available in Touken Ranbu Wikia, but maybe those whoa re new in the game have some confusion, don’t be. Ask around and I’ll be glad to help or answer if I know.

Basic classifications:

a. By type (link is provided to touran wikia).


In reality, its a dagger or small swords. Usually they are called as mamorigatana, a sword for protection (or assisting in harakiri ._.)The swords are usually personified as small kids. Most of the Awataguchi or Toushirous are tantou. The tantou swords are: Sayo Samonji, Midare Toushiro, Akita Toushiro, Aizen Kunitoshi, Gokotai,


In reality, these are short to medium length sword. They are usually worn paired with uchigatana. I think these are the swords where samurai depicted wearing two swords, one is uchi and the other is waki. Honebami, Namezuo, Horikawa, Nikkari, Urashima and Monoyoshi are the current wakizashi. Monoyoshi is thill uncreaftable though, but could be obtained in world 7-1. Their stat is low attach, high impact and mobility, that’s why they perform well in nigh battle against toku enemies and in indoor fights.


Normal sword (probably). They come in Muromachi period where the speed is essential. The real sword is shorter and lighter than Tachi so maybe that’s why. I think this one is rather easy to obtained. The starter swords are uchigatana. I think Kane-san (Hijikata’s sword) is the highest stat in this type. I though Kane-san is a Tachi before because his stat is similar with Yamabushi kunihiro. The swords in this types are: Kane-sam, kashuu kiyomitsu, doutanuki masakuni, yamanba, yasu, yoshiyuki, naki, nagasone kotetsu, hesebe (lol his clothes), kasen kanesada, souza samonji. Their stats is okay, good for early word and map 6 where you have night fight. They could do combo attack with Wakizashi.


Normal sword (I guess).  They are usually  The five heavenly swords are in this category. I think they are created before katana. Some are rare swords. Some of them are uncraftable and only obtained by event. Mune-jiji, Kogitsunemaru, Tsurumaru, Uguisumaru,  CCP (mitsutada), Kuniyuki, Juzumaru, Ichigo, Hige, hiza, kousetsu, kakaka yamabushi. I’d say their stats are rather similar to uchi, though their attack and mobility is higher than uchigatana. They are rather difficult to obtain in early world maps (but hella fun to hunt/dropindesperation rare tachi in drops or smiths).


Long sword in real life. Usually ranged to 90 -100 cm(?) and usually not used for combat but for ceremonial such as healing or used in the temples. That is why Ishikirimaru talk as if he was used in temples and used to cut diseases (like cancer or something like that). The swords are: Ishikirimaru, Taroutachi, Jiroutachi and Hotarumaru. They are my favorite swords because of their stats and range of attack.


Spear. It is said that its very heavy. There were only two in touken ranbu in the past: Tonbokiri and Otegine. Since the few last event, Nihongou (or the janitor) is added to the list. Their stats is.. meh. I don’t use them often. Enemy yari hp 10 is very annoying though, they strike first and very tough.


I think its some kind of a halberder, a type of long ranged weapon. Its like having uchigatana on the top of a pole. Currently only there is only one naginata: Iwatooshi (benkei’s naginata).


b. By smith-er, school of sword smith:

Awataguchi, Rai, Sanjou, Samonji.

These will affect the casual clothes in the internal affair. The swords from same school/sword smith has higher probability if they are paired up. For example, if you put Honebami and Namezuo on the same internal affair task they will be wearing their casual clothes. The name of the sword smith is written in their cards, I can only read the furigana lol. Or you can check it on the trivia part in the wikia.


c. Other queries:

  1. Sword that can’t be smith.

Yes there are several swords that are not craftable, meaning you can’t smith them in citadel. They could be obtained via other things though, such as events or after fight with Kebishii. Koutetsu brothers are obtainable after kebishii fight. Juzumaru, Monoyoshi, Shinano, Fudou yukimitsu (the drunked lad) are not craftable. Monoyoshi could be obtained after boss node in map 7-1. Juzu, shinano and fudou, I guess they are still event-based.

2. How to get the swords?

a. Smithing. Read the guide . From the top blue button on the left interface of the game, that is the smithing place. The recipe refers to the combination of materials needed to make a sword.

b. Drops from the sortie/fights. After some fight there are swords that drops for the player. Its random and could be seen from the maps drop in the wikia.

c. Events. Sometime, there are events and its on top of the usual sortie map. On different events, there are sword as a gift after clearing the event, some other time its a drop from boss node.


#funfact the swords has been shown in museums and there was a lot of people (especially the girls) that come and saw them. I could totally understand why. The museum caretaker said: “maybe they see and understand the beauty of these swords just like the old time” or probably they are fangirling about touran lol. Either way, I think its good to increase the public interest in older culture.


Please let me know if you have any other question. Write it on the comment section and maybe I will answer, if I know the answer lol.


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