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The last 10 days of Ramadan month are the days where we moslems should be concentrating more on the prayers, remembering Allah, reading Quran and do the most good deeds. Also the timing to find lailatul qadr, the night which has the value of 1000 months. No one knows when exactly is the lailatul qadr that is why we need to do our best in every 10 nights of ramadan, maximizing our good deeds.

I think I didn’t miscalculated the 27th night which said has the biggest probability of lailatur qadr, but as any probability there is also possibility that it is not on the 27th night.

The night in islamic calender starts after magrib on date before, so it should be on the 26th day of Ramadan after the magrib.

And I am slacking on my quran reading. I am still on juz 10. I do know know how to finish it before ramadan end which is in 2 day from now. I wonder how those people who can recite the whole book in one night. I salute you who can. I am also slacking in making blog entry. I missed about 7 days HAHAHAHA

Day 28 ramadan