In the midst of information flood and notification from social media. I often found myself confused with which news are right, which news are just a hoax. Fb is definitely for fun, I don’t take it seriously unless it came from AJ or Vox. I migrate further away from television, I had rather difficulties in catching up with the news. Most of the news I have now are online. Not from fb feed, not from line and not from other social media though since I don’t know how trustworthy they are. But they gave the first heads up, so its sometime still worthy to look at.

Anyway, I usually looked at BBC, times, al jazeera, vox, kompas, and that is it I guess. If I am in the mood then to nature, or journals. But journals gives me a lot of headache though lol. After reading journals, I am not sure which one is right or not or which theory is better than which theory. Youtube, lol that is also one fun source before I got cast away by the procrastination waves, that is. I used to listen to podcast but my wifi is sucks at my room so I don’t enjoy that as often. I also keep up by learning in at least one online course. I am taking the Android for beginner in Udacity which I like  better than Code academy and Coursera.

I also enjoy reading from Medium. I just realized its  a blog format with has a sleek minimalist design but the content comes from anyone. It works like a blog but anyone has the same blog template. I enjoyed Medium and Quora. I have yet to taste how good Reddit is. I must admit that I often confused with their navigation and I don’t know where to start. Just like when I am looking for something in stackoverflow lol.