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Hahah I might be overreacting but heyyy its pokemon! Its like one of my wildest imagination come true. I am thrilled to experience the journey as a pokemon trainer! I am in the hypee~~

Haha Pokemon really takes me back my teenage years  when I still have that huge poster that list the all  the pokemon (only around 100-ish of them, the early version). I remembered how I used to stare at them and memorizing their names, their evolution, how they evolve and everything that comes along. I followed the anime and imagined: if I were a Pokemon trainer, what kind of Pokemon I would catch and how would I train them.

Augmented Reality has enable that imagination come to reality (or sort of). As someone that study about User Experience, I would like to see how the user’s experience having the augmented reality entering their life. Also, how would I design the best user experience with augmented reality. Now I am waiting for the virtual reality so that it will be cheaper and easier to use. Its not far in the future, I guess. Looking at the number of investment in that field.

Ingress is going to be left behind, though it has 10 million downloads. Pokemon should win the match anytime soon. Knowing the download number has almost reach similar number with active twitter user within few days since its first launch. Niatic is taking care of it. As a branch of Google I’d say they should have been able to tackle the server issue and technical issue.

Talking about the sheer number of users. Although its  open in US and Australia, I bet a lot of people in the world have their ways to get into the server. Good luck with that Niatic. I have faith in you.

Gotta Catch ’em all!