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This is the 3rd year I celebrate Eid outside of Indonesia.

In 2014, I celebrated Eid in Dallas. I remembered going to the state park to see people praying Eid because I wasn’t praying at that day. I just wanna feel the Eid spirit with one of my closest friend from Texas, Mariam. She is a family friend from Turkey and she is the kindest person ever. I hope she is doing well wherever she is now.

In 2015, I went to Japan for summer language school. Spent one whole month in Japan in the summer heat, fasting and celebrated Eid. It was in Tokyo, I was surprised with the amount of Indonesian people that celebrated Eid in Tokyo. There are so many people, thousands maybe. They even need policeman to guarded the place. Then on the weekend, I went climb Fuji-san. It was one unforgettable summer.

This year I celebrated Eid in Luxembourg. There are several differences. The number of moslems are less than any country that I had been in. In the morning, I went to the mosque in the city because the one near me celebrated it the day after ( I don’t know which one is right but I went with the 29 days as the country’s council decide). Its in the Bonnevoie, one of the biggest mosque in Luxembourg and its near the gare. Afterward I went rushed back to the campus, since its not a public holiday. My heart was shattered since I am used to huge Eid celebration back home, but I’ll take it as an experience. Later that day, I visited one of my Indonesian friend to eat the traditional cuisine from Indonesia that is usually eaten in Eid in Indonesia, opor and ketupat.



It was quiet, but I had fun. At least I didn’t celebrated it alone. Then on the next day, there was a huge banquet for women in the mosque near my campus. A dear friend of my mine invited me and it was wonderful to gather up with other moslem and feel like its an Eid celebration. They served Bosniac and Middle eastern food, I brought some juice with me since I didn’t participate in cooking anything. I helped with the dishes though.


Then on the weekend I was invited to come to another Indonesian garden party. The were more Indonesian people, and more delicious food. Then afterward I went to an Eid celebration from the city something but I don’t really get the program since it was not in English. But overall I felt so satisfied and grateful to be able to celebrate Eid in such manner.