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I am on the bus on my way to Hamburg to meet my labmate from Indonesia. Today is a working day so I still work until a bit of the afternoon. I already prepared the maps and tickets for my trip to Hamburg, well, a night before. Then there was unexpected thing happen today, there was a new master student in the group. I didn’t feel good to ignore her so I went and have lunch. And head out to the train station at 14.55. I thought my bus to hamburg is at 5pm so I go easy on it. BUT when I checked the ticket. Its 15.15
Travel fail. Hahahahahha. It needs another 30 minutes to go to the city to the bus stop. I won’t make it. I don’t feel really well, I don’t know why. It feels like I am lacking of sleep, which maybe is. I am torn between wanting to go or just cancel eveything and go home. After I reach the grand station, I peek on the bus stop which obviously empty. Then I went to the train station to know how much it is to get a train to hamburg. Its crazy expensive, 130euro lol. I figured, I maybe able to get another train only to Frankfurt, since  I have a transfer in Frankfurt. So through DB I got the 39 bus to Frankfurt and going at 16.30 which is great so that I can take the transfer bus at 23.30 in Frankfurt. So I go ahead and get it.

Ah maybe this is mu karma for laughing my friend who missed a plane. Like how do they do that? Now I missed my bus. Dummy. Lol.
Well… not all travel went smoothly. This one started not very well. I hope everything else will be smooth after I go there.


Frankfurt, 18/8/2016