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Digital badge is an online badge that represent knowledge and skills. It was initiated by Mozilla and McArthur foundation. Currently it is used by online courses and started to be used in schools in United States. Now, someone who has badge could showcase their badges in linkedin or share it in facebook and twitter.

The idea behind digital badge is to support the learners that had taken the online courses to showcase what they have achieved. It is done to support online learning too. There are so many Massive Open Online Classes, universities and institutes that offers this digital badges. Therefore, there is a need to create an infrastructure to support it.

The academia supported it and followed the initiative. It is beneficial for the students because sometime transcripts could not convey the soft skills that are not taught directly in the university such as leadership, problem solving, communication and team work. These skills are non-cognitive skills that are required in work force. This also beneficial for the employers to see what soft skills are possessed by the prospective employee.

However, the initiative has yet to be accepted in the professional world. Although there is a trend towards that, a study by Rheims (2016) showed that 95%of employers (with n= 114) are interested in hiring a prospective employee with digital badges. The awareness of digital badge needs to be raised for it completely accepted and widely used as a representation of skills and knowledge.

The question is, how and who are going to be the first adapters.