What does fuck means?




as a second language speaker, I think fuck is overused.

It has the capacity to bond people and break people.

Few years ago, I lost a friend because I simply say fuck so much. I didn’t realize it hurt people.

Now, I am in gaming community in which almost everything makes you say fuck, and it offends no one. Well, depends on the situation ofc.


“For fuck sake, blablabla”

“Fuck that shit” -> meaning killing something in game

There were time I wonder if there is no polite person in gaming.

I soon realize in quest or something like that, everytime I screw up, I say fuck. When I got hit by something, I say fuck. When someone else screw up, I say fuck. When time is running out, I say fuck. I literrally say fuck for everything. Like a to be in a grammar. I am not amazed about it but I understand that is not a good thing lol.


Depok, 11/17/2017