Here, as I also found during my live in Dallas, I often find myself walking quickly, half running or actually running when i cross the street. I shouldn’t be doing that here since the car driver (mostly) respect the pedestrian and they wait for us walkung the street. But well since its a habit, I pressume. In jakarta or depok the drivers doesnt pay the same respect to anyone that cross the street. They keep speeding as if they dont see you or they dont want you to pass before they do. I once or twice got scratched because a motor wont stop or even slow down when they see me crossing the street. Its horrible. Moreover in a big city like jakarta which by all means not friendly at all to pedestrians. The roads are so huge so its almost impossible to cross it alone. No stopping light to cross the street. And crossing the street made virtually impossible by the busway. I am not blaming them since they also install bridges to cross. But I do think that jakarta is not made for those who wants to walk. Its hot. I know but sometime if its only few blocks away, I would be glad if I can move my lazyass and burn some fat. Its healthier for me. Well i am not entirely sure since the pollution is so dense though (笑)。

I remember two foreigner friends I had when i taught English wonder why there were no one walking the pedestrian. I was an avid user of motorcyle and I got really lazy to walk even for a short distance. No wonder I get so fat lol but I think that is the commong way of thinking for indonesian or javanese like me(i guess).