There was an interesting story about the accusation of Indonesian president, Jokowi that he abused his power (by the former president, SBY) about a rule related to civil organization. The issue was caused by Hizbur Tahrir, because it was accused to stir up radical islamic view so the country decided to disolve the organization.

Anyway, the abuse of power that I want to tell you about is not that high level.

My dad is a police officer. He had a very weird experience (in my opinion) during one of his duty as a chief section in a small city. He was stationed in an area where the ones who lived there were wealthy and influential people. One day, there was a small problem. There were leaves fall from a tree to a house where one of this influential people lived in. They called up some of their connection in police (I was thinking that probably one of the general somewhere). Long story short, some strings were pulled and my dad was transferred somewhere because of his mistake.

Now, that I think that is an prime example of abuse of power.

He had gone through this kind of experience twice. Transferred because his subordinate’s fault. As a leader he had to be responsible for his subordinate’s action.

Meanwhile at home, me and my mom talk about this. As I listen to the long story she told me. There is a huge gap between the current police system in Indonesia. The source of police recruits come from the regular and the elites. The elites, skip a lot and gain lots of privilege, because their networks, their relatives, their family who are most likely also elites and create a bubble in their own community. Regular police are like pawns, they start and at the very low hierarchy of the police organization and the elites make it so the regulars won’t be able to reach the top to sustain the privilege they have. So that the elites won’t have to crawl and suffer the hardship at the lowest level of police hierarcy.

What I’m talking about is like this.

The regulars, say they have the lowest rank. They gotta do all the hardwork. If they wanna be promoted, they sure have to work their ass of, get education, and blablabla. The elites, got into middle management right away so they don’t have to do the hard stuff. They can ask their friends, senpais, family to be assigned in good place. Im not saying that is bad, but its like there is a  gap of experience between them, The analogy is like a high school graduate works right away, while the bachelors works as their managers. I can understand this system. But, as a police, I think hard on experience is the best way to teach them how things work. another imo, I think the police education should have only one source, so the police all have the same right and experience. If they want to get promoted, then they go into the police academy or something then they got promoted. The result, sometime, as I heard from my parents, are that their leaders make policy that are not suitable with the society or their subordinates.

Human are human, when they have power, and they got emotional over their or their friends or their relatives and they abuse the power they have to smash someone just because they can….  that is not wise. Though it may seem cruel, I believe Allah (thank goodness I have god lol), will ask everyone of us, what did we do with the power he gave us in this world. May Allah forgive our sins.