The name is Plaupla, that is how my friend called me, Upla. I am a slow pace traveler, I have high affinity towards flower and nature. I am a lifelong learner. I like to learn whether its machine learning, speech perception, user experience or cooking. I like language as well and currently learning Japanese ( and French is starting soon I think). I want to make my own business but idk where to start so I’ll be following meetup and stuff to know how things work. I also love cats and gardening.

This blog mostly consisted of my life journey, adventure in the US as a master student under Fulbright scholarship, my obsession towards Japan, my thoughts about Indonesia, my fangirling sessions and some random things that I encounter during my travel.


Thanks for coming by!

My other accounts

Flickr       : flickr.com/plaupla

Behance : behance.net/plaupla

Instagram: plaupla

Deviantart: rihito-sama.deviantart.com

Pivix id        : 9737739 (not active yet)

How to contact me (but why would one contact me lol)



1 thought on “About”

  1. great blog! keep the posts coming!


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