News that I trust



In the midst of information flood and notification from social media. I often found myself confused with which news are right, which news are just a hoax. Fb is definitely for fun, I don’t take it seriously unless it came from AJ or Vox. I migrate further away from television, I had rather difficulties in catching up with the news. Most of the news I have now are online. Not from fb feed, not from line and not from other social media though since I don’t know how trustworthy they are. But they gave the first heads up, so its sometime still worthy to look at.

Anyway, I usually looked at BBC, times, al jazeera, vox, kompas, and that is it I guess. If I am in the mood then to nature, or journals. But journals gives me a lot of headache though lol. After reading journals, I am not sure which one is right or not or which theory is better than which theory. Youtube, lol that is also one fun source before I got cast away by the procrastination waves, that is. I used to listen to podcast but my wifi is sucks at my room so I don’t enjoy that as often. I also keep up by learning in at least one online course. I am taking the Android for beginner in Udacity which I like  better than Code academy and Coursera.

I also enjoy reading from Medium. I just realized its  a blog format with has a sleek minimalist design but the content comes from anyone. It works like a blog but anyone has the same blog template. I enjoyed Medium and Quora. I have yet to taste how good Reddit is. I must admit that I often confused with their navigation and I don’t know where to start. Just like when I am looking for something in stackoverflow lol.


Never Give up!


Dear me,

It is not the time for you to surrender. You know, if you don’t fight for what you really want then who will? Do not depend on other people to be what you want to be. Your dream is yours, and yours to take action and get it. Its being responsible for yourself. Calculate the risk, as opinion to other but remember your decision is your alone too. Deal with whatever  good and bad things that will happen. Others are there to comment or lament, but the pain and happiness are yours to feel. Never ever give up on yourself. Believe that you can do it (but then if Allah said the otherwise then that condition might be the best for you, at that point just be grateful). After all efforts been done, then look for the outcome and give the final decision to Allah and fate. Never regret. Fight until the end.

Yours truly.


Multilingualism in Indonesia


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Indonesia has around 700 languages. The languages are different in each region, or we call it province. According to wiki, there are around 42,8 million Indonesian native speaker, which I find as odd because Indonesian population is 249 million in 2016. But then it has 154 million second language Indonesian speaker. Then it makes a little bit more sense, because most of Indonesian at least have to understand 2 languages; Indonesian (or bahasa Indonesia) and their respective mother language (and if their father comes from different tribe then they might have to learn their father’s language). Indonesian as the second language, if they considered mother tongue as their first language.

In my case for instance, my parents are Javanese (yes that Java like the coffee, its an island name btw), therefore they speak Javanese at home and thus I learned Javanese passively. I can speak it in normal form but not the polite form. I think like most Asian language there are several levels, per se for each language. The polite form is used when you talk in formal settings or to elder, in Javanese its called Kromo. The normal form is used when people from the same or younger, which is called Ngoko, I can do this one but not Kromo. They have totally different vocabulary. My accent is super weird. Anyway, Javanese is my mother tongue. Its pretty cool that Javanese has more than 80 million native speakers in the world, well I suppose we win by number or its just that there is no better official statistics in other Indonesian local language.

I was born and  grew in the West Java near Jakarta, thus the local language is from West Java which slightly have overlapping vocabularies but totally different grammar with Javanese. I learned it since my elementary school until junior high, so it was 9 years total. But I still only able to speak the crude from of Sundanese, to the extent that I can have the accent and tone, and survive when I need to bargain stuff from traditional market (and some bonuses from the seller lolol). I can’t say that I can speak Sundanese fluently lol.

Then Bahasa Indonesia which is our national language. Bahasa Indonesia is a compulsory language that unite these 700 hundred different language speakers. In a way, I think Bahasa Indonesia (the language) to Indonesian is like English to the world, its like the common ground where people in Indonesia can speak to one another despite of the difference of their mother tongue. I am most confident with this one since I used it the most lol. It has around 77 million native speaker, but if you count anyone who can speak Indonesian fluently then the number must have exceed 200 millions. Then for me its my native language.

Then English, its also a compulsory language that is taught from elementary school all the way to university. We know English as a window to know world since its an international language. Western culture is strong in Indonesia I guess.

Japan is my dream-country. I love every aspect of it, including the language. Well, after years of watching anime, listening to Japanese songs, its unavoidable to not knowing some Japanese words lol and I formalized it by learning it in language courses (but anime plays important role in enriching my vocabulary which is a bad idea since it is not usually used in daily conversation. When I stayed in Japan with my friend’s family they told me not to talk in anime manner such as ” Uruha, (thats how they called me) Don’t use ‘Souka souka or sugeee~~’, you sound like an uneducated person” and when they said that I was EMBARRASSED TO THE CORRREEEE). I am not really good at it yet, though hopefully one day I can be fluent in Japanese. I think my level in in beginner that slowly moved to intermediate speaker..totally overconfident

I also learn Arabic, not the grammar but only the letters to read the Quran. I still learn it until now hahah… And oh Indonesian language is written in Roman letters, like usual English without any accents. Javanese was written in sanskrit in the old times, I think it is still taught in Javanese school but not used in daily life. Not sure about the others.

So on my case I can speak Indonesia, English, Javanese, and Japanese (et un peu Francais und Deutsch – to the level where I can only introduce myself). I think any Indonesian can easily speak two languages: their mother tongue and Indonesian at least. They may or may not fluent in English but at least they learned it in some point during school. And Arabic, if they are moslems. I knew a professor in my campus that can easily speak Sundanese, Javanese, Padang-nese (?), Deutsch, English, Indonesia and some other languages fluently. I bet most people in the big cities can speak English well, and in Bali ( for the tourism I guess).  Moreover if they add more foreign language such as Japanese, German, and other languages from school. Indonesians are also one of the country with most people speak more than 2 languages. Cool stuff!





Lailatur Qadr


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The last 10 days of Ramadan month are the days where we moslems should be concentrating more on the prayers, remembering Allah, reading Quran and do the most good deeds. Also the timing to find lailatul qadr, the night which has the value of 1000 months. No one knows when exactly is the lailatul qadr that is why we need to do our best in every 10 nights of ramadan, maximizing our good deeds.

I think I didn’t miscalculated the 27th night which said has the biggest probability of lailatur qadr, but as any probability there is also possibility that it is not on the 27th night.

The night in islamic calender starts after magrib on date before, so it should be on the 26th day of Ramadan after the magrib.

And I am slacking on my quran reading. I am still on juz 10. I do know know how to finish it before ramadan end which is in 2 day from now. I wonder how those people who can recite the whole book in one night. I salute you who can. I am also slacking in making blog entry. I missed about 7 days HAHAHAHA

Day 28 ramadan


Touken Ranbu Sword Guide


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Okay so I have been seen queries about Touken ranbu (and surprisingly it is the most visited page in my blog? okay lol) so here I make a documentation about it.

The list are available in Touken Ranbu Wikia, but maybe those whoa re new in the game have some confusion, don’t be. Ask around and I’ll be glad to help or answer if I know.

Basic classifications:

a. By type (link is provided to touran wikia).


In reality, its a dagger or small swords. Usually they are called as mamorigatana, a sword for protection (or assisting in harakiri ._.)The swords are usually personified as small kids. Most of the Awataguchi or Toushirous are tantou. The tantou swords are: Sayo Samonji, Midare Toushiro, Akita Toushiro, Aizen Kunitoshi, Gokotai,


In reality, these are short to medium length sword. They are usually worn paired with uchigatana. I think these are the swords where samurai depicted wearing two swords, one is uchi and the other is waki. Honebami, Namezuo, Horikawa, Nikkari, Urashima and Monoyoshi are the current wakizashi. Monoyoshi is thill uncreaftable though, but could be obtained in world 7-1. Their stat is low attach, high impact and mobility, that’s why they perform well in nigh battle against toku enemies and in indoor fights.


Normal sword (probably). They come in Muromachi period where the speed is essential. The real sword is shorter and lighter than Tachi so maybe that’s why. I think this one is rather easy to obtained. The starter swords are uchigatana. I think Kane-san (Hijikata’s sword) is the highest stat in this type. I though Kane-san is a Tachi before because his stat is similar with Yamabushi kunihiro. The swords in this types are: Kane-sam, kashuu kiyomitsu, doutanuki masakuni, yamanba, yasu, yoshiyuki, naki, nagasone kotetsu, hesebe (lol his clothes), kasen kanesada, souza samonji. Their stats is okay, good for early word and map 6 where you have night fight. They could do combo attack with Wakizashi.


Normal sword (I guess).  They are usually  The five heavenly swords are in this category. I think they are created before katana. Some are rare swords. Some of them are uncraftable and only obtained by event. Mune-jiji, Kogitsunemaru, Tsurumaru, Uguisumaru,  CCP (mitsutada), Kuniyuki, Juzumaru, Ichigo, Hige, hiza, kousetsu, kakaka yamabushi. I’d say their stats are rather similar to uchi, though their attack and mobility is higher than uchigatana. They are rather difficult to obtain in early world maps (but hella fun to hunt/dropindesperation rare tachi in drops or smiths).


Long sword in real life. Usually ranged to 90 -100 cm(?) and usually not used for combat but for ceremonial such as healing or used in the temples. That is why Ishikirimaru talk as if he was used in temples and used to cut diseases (like cancer or something like that). The swords are: Ishikirimaru, Taroutachi, Jiroutachi and Hotarumaru. They are my favorite swords because of their stats and range of attack.


Spear. It is said that its very heavy. There were only two in touken ranbu in the past: Tonbokiri and Otegine. Since the few last event, Nihongou (or the janitor) is added to the list. Their stats is.. meh. I don’t use them often. Enemy yari hp 10 is very annoying though, they strike first and very tough.


I think its some kind of a halberder, a type of long ranged weapon. Its like having uchigatana on the top of a pole. Currently only there is only one naginata: Iwatooshi (benkei’s naginata).


b. By smith-er, school of sword smith:

Awataguchi, Rai, Sanjou, Samonji.

These will affect the casual clothes in the internal affair. The swords from same school/sword smith has higher probability if they are paired up. For example, if you put Honebami and Namezuo on the same internal affair task they will be wearing their casual clothes. The name of the sword smith is written in their cards, I can only read the furigana lol. Or you can check it on the trivia part in the wikia.


c. Other queries:

  1. Sword that can’t be smith.

Yes there are several swords that are not craftable, meaning you can’t smith them in citadel. They could be obtained via other things though, such as events or after fight with Kebishii. Koutetsu brothers are obtainable after kebishii fight. Juzumaru, Monoyoshi, Shinano, Fudou yukimitsu (the drunked lad) are not craftable. Monoyoshi could be obtained after boss node in map 7-1. Juzu, shinano and fudou, I guess they are still event-based.

2. How to get the swords?

a. Smithing. Read the guide . From the top blue button on the left interface of the game, that is the smithing place. The recipe refers to the combination of materials needed to make a sword.

b. Drops from the sortie/fights. After some fight there are swords that drops for the player. Its random and could be seen from the maps drop in the wikia.

c. Events. Sometime, there are events and its on top of the usual sortie map. On different events, there are sword as a gift after clearing the event, some other time its a drop from boss node.


#funfact the swords has been shown in museums and there was a lot of people (especially the girls) that come and saw them. I could totally understand why. The museum caretaker said: “maybe they see and understand the beauty of these swords just like the old time” or probably they are fangirling about touran lol. Either way, I think its good to increase the public interest in older culture.


Please let me know if you have any other question. Write it on the comment section and maybe I will answer, if I know the answer lol.


Esch sur Alzette

Ramadan day 20


Lukas Graham, 7 years (Lyric)


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Once I was 7 years old, my mama told me “Go  and make friends so you won’t be lonely”

Once I was 7 Years old


It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger

Pushing each other to the limits we were learning quicker

By 11 smoking herbs and drinking burnin’ liquor

Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure

Once I was 11 years old, my daddy told me go get yourself a wife for you’ll be lonely

Once I was 11 years old..


I always had that dream like my daddy before me

So I write started write a  song  I started write story

Something about that glory just always seem to bore me

Cause those I really love will ever really know me

Once I was 20 years old, my story got told

Before the mornin’, sun when life was all lonely


I only seen my goal, I don’t believe in failure

Cuz’ I know the smallest voice can make it major

I got my boys with me

At least those in favor

And if we don’t meet, I hope I’ll see you later

Once I was 20 years old, my story got told

I was written by I was everything I saw before me

Once I was 20 years old


Soon we’ll be 30 years old, song have been sold

We’ve been travelled around the world and we’ll still be roaming

Soon we’ll be 30 years old


I’m still learning about life

My woman brought children for me

So I can sing them all my songs and I can tell them stories

Most of my boys with are me, some are still out seeking looking for glory

And some I had to leave behind my brothers I’m still savvy

Soon I will be 60 years old, my daddy got 61 remember life then your life become a battle one

I made a man so happy when I wrote a letter once

I hope my children come and visit once or twice a month

Soon I will be 60 years old

Will I think that the world is cold?

Will I have a lot of children who can hold me?

Soon I will be 60 years old…

Will I think that the world is cold?

Will I have a lot of children who can hold me?

Once I was 7 years old, mama told me go make some friends so you won’t be lonely.

Once I was 7 years old.

(c) of course to the singer and his company






Solo Travel vs. Group travel

I started traveling while I studied in Dallas, TX. I mostly travel alone, female solo traveler, that was me. I did so because its convenient in the matter of timing. Because I would look forward for cheap tickets ahead and adjust with my exam schedule, etc. I find it easier target a place, get a cheap ticket and go. While I am at the destination, I could do whatever I want and whenever I want. That works for me.

Group travel could be fun and it press the budget even smaller. And shall anything happen, I wasn’t alone. There are more people meaning more information as well different interest.

Well I think each has pros and cons.


Ramadan day 17

Esch sur alzette

What is the price of Peace



in Suriah?

In Poso?

Do people really want peace? for civillian who are involved and those who have hearts. yes.

For all others who need wars to stay alive. Maybe not.

When I was smaller, I participate in GOI peace foundation essay (never won lol). But it made me think about peace and how we could obtain peace.

After growing up, I realize that maybe there are people who just don’t want peace. Or rather, they need war. Military, politics, are some examples. In military, if they dont have war then they dont have anything to do right? Therefore they dont have budget. While concerning with politics, politics are scary, politics are crazy. Politics could be unfair. They could do many length tp gain power. Power leads to money. Someone who is a friend today maybe an enemy tomorrow. Its seems so sad. I am not a big fan of politics but I need to know things that happened in the world. Business is another thing. There is such thing as weapon industry. And as all other industry, they need market. Who needs a weapon when its peaceful? Nobody. Then someone who needs the market create the market. The market is warzone. And the media helps advertising it. Thank you media. Not all are like this of course, but there are some who are.

But of course these assumptions are child-like assumptions. And I dont really trust media, before I think thoroughly what is what and who is benefitting from the event that happened. Its really confusing sometime since I dont know which are the trustworty source and some could have conflicting info. But just like reading a research paper, I need to find and follow the sources and see from different point of views then decide on my own. Which require a lot of time and effort. But hey, I have a brain for a reason lol, to think.

The ones that are in less advantageous point ate usually less fortunate people and nature since they can’t fight back (quickly). But they will have their justice. Look what have we done to mother earth and when she had enough we humans will all suffer her wrath. Climate change is one thing. And one thing about nature, respect it as actually human is on their mercy. Like who can win over natural disaster? And back to war things, the civillians who caught up in war.. hm.. i dont know how they will retaliate. Or rather the people who gain and create the war might have suffer themselves since they know the truth and sacrifice people for their own gain. One can not lie from oneself (or can they? Well if they do then they won’t be able to separate lies and truth or reality with illusion of their mind).

The winner keeps all, the loser has to pay the price.

So I think it is possible to end war, but not possible until the stakeholder agrees not to. Which is pretty difficult but not entirely impossible given the nature of human that strive for their own gain.

Hmm.. life is unfair. Therefore its calming as a moslem that all will be judged again afterwards, because some are not being judges fairly during life. And all person hold their own responsibility for their own act in front of the mighty-est judge of all. (Oh shoot mine as well lol). Well its just my two cents. Lol why do I write kind of heavy stuff…

[Book Review] The Psychopath Inside


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“As I was working on my job to see brain scans of criminals, I found one that possibly one of the worst pscyhopath. When I see that it belongs to my family, I was shocked. Because the brain scans only have initials to hide the ID of the person who had it, I need to go to the technician to know whose brain scan is that. It was mine” (somewhat like this since I finished the book a while ago and I didnt bring it with me).

The opening part of the book looks like a thriller, but a real life one.

The book is written by a neuroscientist that works with brain scans of criminals and found his own brain scan turn out to be similar with brain scans of the psychopath.

Having knowledge about psychopath, he is surprised. He doesn’t feel like he was psychopath. But the scan definitely shown that his brain has lack of activities in prefrontal area that often be found in psychopath brain.

As a neuroscientist he research on his own. In a sense it was the best opportunity to know about his field of study with himself as a subject. He is a normal man with a happy family. He never convict crime, but he admit that he had some tendency to do challenging activities. He even went through his family lineage tree only to find that some of his ancestors were aggressive and murderer. It amuses me how calm he take the truth, and his mother and family take it easy. I think that really helps. He also think that it is possible for him to be a real psychopath but something fundamentally make him not become one. He was loved by his family when he was younger.

Scientifically he tried to found out what have been different from him and other people. It turn that there is a special type of protein (cant remember if its on amino acid level or not) that he had which is a characteristics of a psychopath.

Gene has been thought as a stronger cause of somebody’s personality and behaviour. This case prove that it is not always the case. t proves some of the hypothesis that he hold true the past years that nature:nuture as around 80:20 percent of impact on a person is not true. If it is, he would have become a psychopath.

Here’s some of my take on it. It is you who decides who you are. Your nature, given gene, your family conditions, your environment, the way you brought up are assets but it doesn’t decide who you are. Nature and nurture plays role in creating a person, and especially in early life the feeling of being loved is important as it completes a person (and possibly prevent someone who had the tendency to become a psychopath lol). I admire this guy. So if you are a kid, be happy. And if you have kids… make them happy. As its their provision for their future self.

Esch sur Alzette,
Post for ramadan day 15

This is one of the most interesting book I have read.

Bubar (Break the fasting together)


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I went to the mosque last week, invited by a sister to break the fasting together in Esch Mosque. So I went there around 9.30ish, because I missed the train and by the time I went there its its already the time to break the fasting together.

It felt wonderful, I felt like being at home again. Eating with a lot of people, sharing food, it was awesome (though I wasn’t praying because I was in my period lolol, girls don’t fast during their period. Scientifically understandable).

I feel the Ramadan spirit again. Its nice to be reminded that the holy month is here and remember that I need to do better as a person. There are things to be upgraded in Ramadan, the fasting, the praying, reading quran, listening to good speech, learn more about Islam, do more charity, etc. I did very little and I should be leveling up my Ramadan game. Ahhh lazy me.



Experiencing Ramadan outside of Indonesia is different. Back home, the majority of people are fasting, that goes without question since 87,2% of the population are moslem which make up roughly 202 million people. That’s an incredible feeling I should be having there, knowing around 200 million people are fasting with me. Obviously I didn’t appreciate that while I was home, but well. Whether or not they are really fasting, that is back to the person themselves. (Yes there are those who don’t, even when they are moslems). While outside of Indonesia, the things is rather ……different. There are less people fasting, for sure. Then also, I got questions why I do this, what are the reasons for fasting (never thought about it too much until I got asked lol I usually think about it since everyone does it and I have been doing it since I was a kid. But no, I re-examine why I do the fasting and the reason why I do so. Its faith, its my body’s holiday time, and it is to make me feel empathy to those who could not afford food. That is why we do this, we know hungry isn’t fun so that’s why we need to give to those who are hungry. Thus The zakat fitrah by the end of the month should be given to those who need). Another different thing would be the time. In Indonesia since we are in the equator line the length of day and night rather changes slightly unlike in temperate areas where winter and summer takes place. Its summer now in Europe thus the day is longer. This impact on fasting time since we fast starting before (wayyyy before) the sunrise until the sunset which roughly 18.5 hours where I lived (and 21 hours in Iceland, maybe Alaska too. Ganbatte guyssss). While in Indonesia anytime in the year the fasting time is rather same, starting from 4Am in the morning until around 6 PM. The difference would probably in minutes tho.

During Ramadan, there are special things that comes out too. The food, more time spent eating sahoor (the eating before fasting) or iftar (the break fasting) with family and friend. We Indonesian just loooooooove socialization. During Ramadan times, the invitation from friends, close friend, high school friends, university friends, same-club friends, lab-mates friends, work-place friends, relatives, neighbors are coming right up for iftar. It was so much fun. We just love having reason to hang out together. It was so nice, though sometime could be troublesome since I don’t know if we are having too much fun while forgetting what is the meaning of doing fasting and all other stuff for increasing the faith during Ramadan. At night, after night prayer, there usually be the taraweh (optional praying after night prayer, isya). I remember this one very well, and I had pleasant memories with it. While I was in elementary school, the school would gave me a book that should be filled with taraweh sermon and must be signed by the one who gave the sermon. This way, school make sure that the kids do the taraweh.

Anyway, breaking the fasting together like this really reminds me of home. I love it, beside the food (mostly Bosniac dishes) were great. All is well.

Ramadan day 14